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Переделайте предложения, употребив глагол в страдательном залоге

1. Beethoven wrote the Pastoral Symphony. 2. He wrote the Symphony with a pen made from a goose feather. 3. A falling stone injured Beethoven's foot. 4. My parents never lock the children alone in the flat. 5. They serve lunch in the cafeteria from 11.00 to 2.30.6. The guide asked the visitors not to touch the furniture. 7. People will talk much about the successful debut of the young actress. 8. You should send the sick man to hospital. 9. Why did they laugh at him? 10. You can always rely upon him. 11. The lecturer advized the students to read rare books on this problem.

б) 1. The scientists have not yet defined the origin of the name Belarus. 2. All sorts of agressors attacked and occupied Belarus many a time. 3. Francisk Skaryna started book-printing business in Belarus in the 16th century. 4. The fascists cut down and burnt many Belarusian woods during the years of World 'War II. 5. The Belarusian people restored the economy of the republic with the help of all peoples of the former Soviet Union. 6. The Belarusian people celebrate Independence Day on the 3d of July. 7. Belarusian industry produces tractors and automobiles, refrigerators and TV sets, computers and other goods. 8. The Belarusian farmers cultivate grain, vegetables, herbs and flax. 9. In 1870 I. Nosovic published the first dictionary of the Belarusian language. 10. The Russian and Polish languages have greatly influenced on the Belarusian language.
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The Pastoral Symphony was written by Beethoven.

The origin of name Belarus was not yet defined by the scientists и т.д.

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