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Помогите пожалуйста! Нужно дать советы подросткам(на английском),у каждого из них своя проблема,!
Как можно скорее!!!!! 

1. I
 am new at school and very shy. recently some kids have been bullying me by saying nasty things about the way i look. I am afraid that if i speak to any of the teachers , things will get worse. I keep missing school because of it . How can i put an end to all this ? 
         Stuart(14) Manchester 

2.I got bad marks in my exams and now my  parents want me to quit the football team. Football`s my life ! Help ! 
         David (15) London

I don`t  like the way i look .  I hate the pimples on my skin and i have gained a lot of weight ! What can i do? 
           Sarah(16) Birmingham

4.I want to go on holiday this summer . My parents say it is too expensive and i am too young to go my own . Any advice? 
        Karen(15) Glasgow

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