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7. I type conditionals. Открывая скобки правильную формулу напишите.

1. If you_________ (eat) another cake, you_________ (be) sick.

2. You_________ (fail) your exam if you_________ (not/study) hard.

3. What _________ (you/do) if you_________ (fail)?

4. Our children and grandchildren_________(suffer) if we_________ (not/look after) our planet.

5. If you_________ (be) late, I_________ (go) without you.

6. If you_________ (need) help, my father_________ (help) you.

7. He_________ (lose) weight if he_________ (stop) eating too much.

8. If she_________ (be) patient, I _________(try) to explain.

9. I _________( (wear) a purple tie but only if I_________(must).

10. If we_________ (leave) at once, we_________ (catch) the early train.

11. If he_________ (do) that again, his father_________ (punish) him.

12. If she_________ (drink) this medicine, she_________ (feel) much better.
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1. If you eat another cake, you will be sick.
2. You will fail your exam if you don't study hard.
3. What wiil you do if you fail?
4. Our children and grandchildren will suffer if we don't look after our planet.
5. If you be late, I shall go without you.
6. If you need help, my father will help you.
7. He will lose weight if he stops eating too much.
8. If she is patient, I shall try to explain.
9. I  shall wear a purple tie but only if I must.
10. If we leave at once, we shall catch the early train.
11. If he does that again, his father will punish him.
12. If she drinks this medicine, she will feel much better.

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