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10.“Will there be schools in the future?” на эту тему напишите сочинение!(130 слов)

Из этих слов: Аrrive at, arrive in, boarding card, check in, cruise, customs, depart from, departure lounge, flight, get on (a plane/train/bus), get in (a car/taxi), head for, journey, miss (the flight), passport, platform, take off, terminal, timetable, trip, tour,argue, burn, compose, conclude, crash, investigate, rescue,author, life style, planet, vitamin,entire, human, similar, upset,visible.
- 29 мартa, 2012 - Nargiz   Класс - Восьмой класс

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Once I arrived at an idea to make a journey through time. I imagined that I'm going to cruise for a while to another planet. according to a timetable of airport the next flight to space would be tomorrow. I bought airplane ticket in advance. it was round trip. The airplane departed from my city  at 8.34 a.m. I arrived in the airport and checked in early to get a good seat on my flight. I showed my passport and paid all customs duties. Then the registration clerk gave me a boarding card. I went by the metal detector and I had to wait for a flight in the departure lounge. While I  waited, I had headed for a top of my dream. But suddenly the administrator got the passengers in. I got on, I should miss the flight. The airplane took off from the platform and I saw a very beautiful view. There were a lot of perfect clouds out of window. Then I saw a darkness and shining stars. It was a sightseeing tour to stars. The airhostess offered different kind of drinks. I decided to drink tea. But the airhostess had only cold tea. I argued her into making hot tea. The fellow traveler told me a story burned itself into his memory. Lately, he had a flight to the Moon and there was a crash of hull. The space fragment broke the board of plane. The aircraft commander composed not to panic. We decide to investigate the space out of windows. The aircraft commander rescued the situation and nothing had happened. The airplane an human lives were safe. He was in a similar situation that’s why he had an experience what to do. The flight was end and I always would remember visible image of stars and bottomless abyss.

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Ну все же спасибо!

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перевод сочинению нужен или самостоятельно переведешь.

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сама перевиду

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заметила свои ошибки в тексте:

The airplane and human lives were safe. 

The flight was ended and I always would remember visible image of stars and bottomless abyss.


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Спасибо!!!а вы откуда будете???

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