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1. От количественных числительных образуйте порядковые числительные и выполните задание в письменной форме:

one eleven twenty-one
two twelve tventy-two
thiree thirteen thirty
four fonteen forty
five fifteen fifty
six sixteen sixty
seven seventeen seventy
eight eighteen eighty
nine nineteen ninety
ten twenty one handred
2.Напишите следующие глаголы в трех формах.
to speak to say to deeide to sell
to call to ring to accepl to isay
to want to tell to plan to mehade 
to be to talk to come to leave 
to wait to shidy to discuss to check
to anive to know to find to inform
3.Составьте предложения используя следующие слова.
1. This,Alexander Krutishin,froom is,TST System.
2. Wants be,to talk,sirto you.
3. Moment,l,very,am,at,the,bursy.
4. Him,ask,what,number,is,telephone,his.
5. Come,to,going,you,are?
6. We,reserve,for,a room,you,sholl?
4.Вставьте вместо точек нужные предлоги.
1. He usually gets up... 9 o"clock ...Sundays.
2. He goes... the institute every day besides suh.
3. The goes... the institute... bus or... trolley-hus.
4. ... the institute he has four pairs.
5. He ctudios... kne.
5.Вставьте соответствующую форму инфинитива в следующие предложения.
Пример: He speaks English well. He must have studied it for a long time.
They are laughing. They must be having a good time.
1. Nobody answered the phone. They must ... out,(go).
2. The lioe is busy. He must... the phone.(use).
3. You made a long distance call. It must ... expensive.(be).
4. I need more money. Ishould... my job.(change).
5. I got the wrong number. I may... incorrectly.(dial).
6. What is he doing? He shoold... the report.(type).
7. Mr Snith didn"t return my call. He might... busy. (be).

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