Напишите развернутые ответы на вопросы

Напишите развернутые ответы:

1) Where have you already travelled?
2) How long do you trips usually last?
3) What trip do you remember as the best one and why?
4) What trips are described as very good by your friends?
5) What place are you going to visit next time and why?
6) What means of travel will you be using?

- 20 декабря, 2015 - Nastya220v   Класс - Девятый класс

1 Ответ

1) I  have  already been to London
2) My trips usually lasts about 7-10 days.
3) My best trip was in Anapa because of the Black Sea.
4) London and New York trips are described as very good by your friends.
5) I'm going to visit Moscow next time because I've never been to our capital.
6) I prefer travelling by train.

ответил 22 мартa, 2016 - Leka  

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