Badge List

The following is a list of all badges available on this site:
Хороший ответ Answer received +2 upvote x209
Отличный ответ Answer received +5 upvote x8
Лучший ответ Answer received +10 upvote x2
Одаренный 1 answer selected as best answer x35
Умный 10 answers selected as best answer x4
Ученый 30 answers selected as best answer x1
Хорошист Posted 25 answers x13
Отличник Posted 50 answers x9
Мудрец Posted 100 answers x7
Друг Visited every day for 10 consecutive days x17
Хороший друг Visited every day for 25 consecutive days x3
Лучший друг Visited every day for 50 consecutive days x1
Пользователь Visited site on total of 30 days x18
Бывалый Visited site on total of 100 days x9
Ветеран Visited site on total of 200 days x6
90 дней с нами First visited more than 90 days ago x176
180 дней с нами First visited more than 180 days ago x105
Год с нами First visited more than 365 days ago x52
Медалист Received total of 10 badges x7
Чемпион Received total of 30 badges x3
Олимпиец Received total of 100 badges
66 total badges, 685 awarded in total
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