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5. Present Simple vs. Present Continuous. Напишитек правильну фрмулу.

Где черным выделены слова,посмотрите я правильно написала.


1. John listens to different music every evening.

2. Girls usually read  fashion magazines.

3. What sport do you do? – Volleyball. Right now I  go  to the training game.

4. Tom’s hobby is collecting stamps. He be always glad to get a new one as a present.

5. What computer game ______ you ______ (play)? It is so loud that I can’t read my book!

6. I _______ (watch) TV show, I won’t go to the cinema.

7. How fast _____ your car______ (go)?

8. People do not think it is polite to enter somebody’s room without knocking.

9. Twelve men __________ (sit) at the table and _____ they say _____ (talk) about the game that was played yesterday.

10. Listen! That song is played all morning!

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1. John listens to different music every evening.

2. Girls usually read  fashion magazines.

правильно. остальное неправильно.

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