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7.Раскрывая скобках напишите предложения приминив should примените в модаль предлож..

1. I have a slight irritation in my throat. (To smoke less) _________________________________

2. This child doesn't want to eat soup. (Not to give her sweets before dinner) _________________________________

3. She makes a lot of spelling mistakes. (To copy passages out of a book) _________________________________

4. The dog is afraid of him. (Not to shout at the dog)


5. The students are unable to follow what I am saying. (not to speak so fast) _________________________________

6. The boy is a little pale. (to play out of doors)


7. I am afraid you will miss mat train. (to take a taxi)


8. There is no one in. (to try the room next door)


9. Her diction is not very good. (to read aloud)

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